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The breakfast bar is our great joy and at the same time, a dream come true. We really enjoy gastronomy, we are exactly the ones who can go around several shops just because one has excellent hams, cheeses, the other has olive oil or pastries, which go so beautifully together. We want to offer you all this with us - excellent food, which tends most to be sunny Italy, but does not give up the goodies that come from our surroundings.

It is already reflected in our breakfasts. If you decide to have it prepared from our hands, you will be greeted in the morning by the smell of fresh pastries and coffee. You can enjoy eggs from honest farms or the ham they put on time as they matured. Those who spend a number of days with us should know that we change the menu a bit every day, so sometimes a fluffy butter croissant awaits you and other times a cake that we have baked ourselves and pulled out of the oven a few minutes ago.

But breakfast is not everything, it starts with it. If you know that you will be somewhere on a trip around the area or you will travel many kilometers by bike, you can also order a picnic basket for breakfast or evening entertainment at breakfast. We will prepare a selection of delicacies that we have tried ourselves and we will improve our own evenings with them. Either we inspire you or you can tell us what you would like to find in your basket.

Or we can immediately arrange that you will have a small party with friends. In the bar, we have an original slicing machine, which will serve as a small experience at work. You can then take the hams and cheeses and enjoy them in the back of the room at our large tables and old barriques.

And even that shouldn't be all. We anticipate that we will still be working on the apartments, so over time, the breakfast bar will turn into a place where we will organize tasting dinners and maybe even sell coffee and goodies to passers-by… Who knows.

The breakfast price is 330-380 CZK

Did you like us so much that you would like to organize a small celebration or meeting with us? We will be happy to discuss the details with you.